Dive Into Crystal-Clear Water

Rely on us for pool cleaning services in Peoria, AZ

Keeping your pool clean is a constant battle. If debris is always floating in your water or your baskets are always full, contact Summit Pool Pros. We offer weekly pool cleaning services in Peoria, AZ. Our process includes netting leaves, brushing walls and emptying baskets. Water chemistry can be tricky and needs to be maintained correctly to increase the longevity of your pool. We'll adjust your pool chemicals weekly to ensure the safety of your pool. Each service comes with a full report to let you know what we did and the condition of your water.

Call 602-377-6132 to set up a weekly pool cleaning schedule that works for you.

5 benefits of hiring a professional pool cleaner

Is dirty water making you think twice about taking a dip? By scheduling a weekly pool cleaning, your water will always be ready for a swim. Our team will:

  • Use professional tools and equipment
  • Save you time, money and frustration
  • Make sure your pool chemicals are balanced
  • Detect potential issues early
  • Help your pool last longer
Don't try to keep up with pool cleaning services by yourself. Bring in the help of a professional by hiring our Peoria, AZ company.

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